About this blog

About this blog

My name is John Doe. I’m a full-time adventure travel blogger and photographer who’s been exploring the world for over 5 years.

Welcome to my blog and I absolutely appreciate you stopping by! On December 25th, 2001, I left the Canada for a four months, trip to Asia. The idea was to backpack around China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and then return home and start a career in the IT industry.

When I landed in Bangkok, I had $3500 USD to my name and that was it. I booked a bed in a old guesthouse in the center of the city for about a dollar per night and let the adventure begin.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde ―

In the end, I never went home after those three months. And it’s now been over 14 years and that trip has still yet to finish.

The adventure has involved over 75+ countries on 5 continents as I’ve worked, lived, traveled and volunteered all over the planet.

Through my own adventures – from the incredible moments and rewarding interactions to the struggles and major challenges – I aim to provide a realistic and honest account of what long-term travel is truly about and how you can work on achieving such a goal yourself.

While the recognition and mentions this blog has received over the years are certainly nice, nothing compares to an email from a reader telling me that the blog helped them achieve their own travel goals.

Thank You for reading!